Open Data

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SNAP large network datasets
KONECT large network datasets
UCD Dynamics Lab network datasets
Yahoo! Labs datasets
The Guardian – Data Journalism

Quandl – financial, social and economic datasets

UK Office for National Statistics
ONS Neighbourhood Statistics

UK postcode sector boundaries –
Celsius – ONS longitudinal study
UK labour market statistics
UK Census data service
UK Government open data
UK National Public Transport Access Nodes (NAPTAN)
Land Registry
London Underground timetables, Nov 2010

US Government open data
US Census geospatial data
Office of Population Research at Princton University
Bicoastal datafest – money and politics
South African index of multiple deprivation
Worldpop – population distribution of Africa, Asia and South and Central America
Measure DHS – demographic and health surveys
natural earth GIS data
Grouplens recsys datasets!